Supporting Families to Find Their Own Wisdom in Education and Family Life

LD INDEPENDENT educational consulting

Wellness and Parent coaching

There is more then one version of all of us. All minds work differently and are unique for a reason. We value the curious kid and the connected parent who wants to understand and dive deep into what makes their kid tick. 

Explore Our Hive With A 30-Minute Meet And Greet

Who We Are

We are a small group of collaborative specialists in learning differences (LD), mental health, wellness, and parent/child connection, who believe that all kids are great, just as they are.

We believe in the child as the expert of their mind, and in parents as the expert of their child.

We support parents in connecting with their children, and their learning styles; so that they can feel confident in supporting their kids to take the lead in their developmental journeys.

Who We Serve

We provide social-emotional support groups and education for kids in a post-COVID world, coaching and connective parenting support for adults, and educational guidance for parents/guardians of kids with learning differences.

We believe kids are amazing just as they are, each with their own smarts, talents, and needs. We work to understand how each child experiences the world around them so they might grow into independence, emotional wellness, and connectedness with their families.

We help parents understand their kids through Connective Parenting. We help parents work through their own feelings, concerns, and past traumas so they can be the parents they want to be and build strong bonds that help them stay connected throughout their children’s lives.

A family is a very special ecosystem. By supporting each member we can affect the long-term health of the whole.

That is the goal of Curious Kids. 

Our Services

Following your 30-minute meet-and-greet session, we will formulate a personalized plan tailored to your family's goals and future endeavors.


Adding Context To The Whole Family Picture

Technology Review

Identifying Tools To Support Learning

social-emotional Enrichment groups

Peer Opportunities To Socialize, Grow, And Learn

Parent Support

Parent Support And Coaching To Maintain Connection For Parent And Child

I’m Shannon

I’m Shannon McNamara. I have spent my 20-year career as a clinical social worker working with children and families. I love seeing kids find what makes them curious, and parents seeing what sparks their kids.

I founded Curious Kids Educational And Wellness with a mission in mind. That mission is to help, educate, and support families to find their own paths and wisdom in learning … read more