Supporting Families to Find Their Own Wisdom in Education

LD Independant
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There is not just one version of any of us. All minds work differently and are unique for a reason. We value the uncommon mind and the curious kid who learns best through a multi-tiered approach. We appreciate and support the families that love and support these whole-brained kids.

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Who We Are

We are a small group of collaborative specialists in learning differences (LD), mental health, and parent/child connection, who believe that all kids are great, just as they are.

We believe in the child as the expert of their mind, and in parents as the expert of their child.

We support parents in connecting with their child’s learning style and approach; so that they can feel confident in supporting their kids to take the lead in their learning journey.

Who We Serve

We serve kids with diverse minds to know themselves and their desires, so that they can leverage their strengths, set solid goals, and be confident learners for life. Our goal is to help kids figure out what works best for them so that they can confidently ask for what they need and go after whatever they want without fear or shame.

We believe that kids are perfect as they are. They are all smart and have skills that set them apart. We see parents as full partners in the educational process and take extra time and care to grow the parent/child connection through parent education, family support, LD skills building, and community connection with others. We help parents understand the special education terminology, their child’s testing, and their strengths and needs on the deepest level, allowing them to advocate, support, and make the best choices possible, with their kids, on their academic adventures.

Our Services

Neuropsych & Testing Review

Adding Context To The Evaluation Process

Technology Review

Identifying Tools To Support Learning

School Placement

Finding The Best Learning Environment For The Whole Child

Complete Package

All-In-One Resources For Your Child And Family

Parent Support

Parent Support To Maintain Connection For Parent And Child

I’m Shannon

I’m Shannon McNamara. I have spent my entire 20-year career as a clinical social worker working with children and families with learning differences. I love seeing kids find what makes them curious, and parents seeing what sparks their kids.

I founded Curious Kids Educational with a mission in mind. That mission is to help, educate, and support families with neurodiverse kids to find their own paths and wisdom in learning … read more