Ed – Onboarding

Following your 60-minute collaborative session, we will formulate a personalized plan tailored to your family’s future endeavors.

The Process

When onboarding; parents should expect the following process:

Step 1. Consultation with parents. We start with a 90-minute parent meeting and assess what information is available and if speaking with any other adults/professionals (ie. teachers, coaches, therapists, specialists) makes sense. Consultation with the child may also be valuable to gain their personal perspective on what is going well, what is challenging, what they think and/or feel when stimuli become too much, and what they believe are points of pressure.

Step 2. Review of the relevant developmental and educational documentation. This includes the most recent neuropsychological report, IEP, teacher reports, observations, OT evals and reviews, PT evals and reviews, and SLP evals and reviews.

Step 3. Putting all of the pieces together (painting the whole picture): Here we will pull everything together and look at what we can set up in terms of systems, processes, communication, and services to address the needs of everyone in the family with the least amount of strain. The goals are individualized and driven by what we have learned in the evaluations and conversations about what is going well and what is not going well for all parties, and identifying what core boundaries and understandings are being misunderstood or crossed.


After payment is received Shannon will reach out to schedule your 60-minute collaboration.