Shannon McNamara

I’m Shannon McNamara. I have spent my 20-year career as a clinical social worker working with children and families to understand, support, and connect with one another. I love seeing kids find what makes them curious, and parents seeing what sparks their kids.

My Story

I founded Curious Kids Educational and Wellness with a mission in mind. That mission is to help, educate, and support families to find their own paths and wisdom in learning together.

Growing up with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia I developed an appreciation for the kid who doesn’t quite feel understood. Although challenging, my learning differences gave me some great gifts. They allowed me to see roadblocks as problem-solving opportunities instead of barriers, they taught me to persist and find alternate paths to a destination, they led to a greater understanding of concepts, thoughts, and principles, and, lastly, my challenges gave me an enthusiasm for advocacy.

I earned my master’s degree in clinical social work at Simmons University and began my work in schools, hospitals, and community mental health settings. Through this I developed great empathy for parents and how they struggle to support every shadowed piece of their child’s spirit. It is this love and persistence from parents to support the whole child that set me off on this path.

My goal is to help kids develop confidence in their abilities, conviction in their knowledge, and curiosity about the world; parents learn that there are no limitations to what their kids are capable of when they can adjust the lens that they are looking through, and families know that they are stronger as a team than any one of them alone.

We don’t lower expectations, we adjust the map.