Our Approach

At Confident Kids Educational, we believe that kids are perfect just as they are. They know what they need but sometimes have difficulty finding the resources to achieve those goals…

We start with the idea of the child as the expert on who they are and work back from there. By allowing the child to develop agency in their learning and teaching them how to support their unique brilliance, they develop confidence in their abilities to meet and overcome challenges, become advocates for themselves and others, and drive for the things that spark their curiosity

We believe that parents are an integral element in their child’s perception of themselves and their abilities. There is no success without the support and guidance of a supportive adult. We provide support, education, and guidance to parents looking to take an active role in supporting their child’s growth.

We provide support, education, and guidance for the whole family because your family is a team of individuals working together for the health, happiness, and longevity of the whole unit.

Parent and Child Support

A new LD diagnosis can be scary and confusing. If your child has been struggling for a while they may have lost some of their innate curiosity and joy of learning. We provide the whole family with academic, social-emotional, and community support to help parents connect with their kids in a way of deep understanding, and reignite your child’s interest in exploration.

Parents access parent education through one-on-one support, monthly community topic programs, learning differences profiles, parent education, and Parent Cafes.

We support kids to rediscover themselves through one-on-one education and social-emotional counseling, group programs, and experiential growth and development opportunities so that they know there is more than one kind of “smart”.

Testing Review and Education

We provide a comprehensive review of your neuropsych report. This comprehensive review includes a three-part breakdown of the structure, findings, and practical interpretation of the recommendations and how you can implement and advocate for them. We will explain what the various test measures mean and how they affect your child’s specific situation. Parents will learn how to move through the report review moving forward. We teach understanding and implementation for families to take control of the academic field on their own terms.

Tech Review and Training

Kids with LD often have recommendations for technology support. We will do a comprehensive review of the recommendations, match the tech support to the specific need and budget of the student, and train them to use those tools most effectively so that they can focus on content, rather than acquisition.

School Fit and Placement

The school placement plan takes all of the above into account. We will provide a comprehensive review of all testing and reporting, and speak with teachers, related service professionals, parents, and the child to gain background and insight regarding specific needs. Develop a technology plan if needed and provide recommendations for school placement.