Educational Consultation Services

All of our educational consulting services begin with a free 30-minute meet-and-greet to make sure that our services and style are what you are looking for.

We take a whole-child, strengths-based, approach and do not look at your child, or their academic journey, from the perspective of getting them into the “best” school, but rather the “best for them” environment. We look at your child’s strengths, skills, and interests and balance that with academic needs to demystify and contextualize their overall learning profile and match your family to schools and programs that inspire curiosity and a love of learning.

We love the out-of-the-box thinkers, explorers, questioners, and doers. Our goal is to stoke a flame of curious exploration in all environments for kids who learn differently. If this sounds like your child, schedule a meet-and-greet today.

Our Services

Testing Review

Adding Context To The Evaluation Process

Technology Review

Identifying Tools To Support Learning

School Placement

Finding The Best Learning Environment For The Whole Child

Complete Package

All-In-One Resource For Your Child And Family

Parent Support

Parent Support To Maintain Connection Between Parent And Child

Exclusive Services

Our services are intended to be a partnership and we seek to address challenges and concerns for the family. If there is something not listed that would be helpful to your family unit please contact me to discuss the options. I am happy to provide any assistance within my field of expertise or refer you to a clinician or consultant that will better meet your specific needs.

Testing Review and Recommendation

The testing that your child receives provides valuable information about how your they learn and in what environments, structures, tools, and resources will work best for their learning style, strengths, and interests. However, it can be challenging and confusing to read. We implement an in-depth review of all materials and break down the information to help you see your child through the scores with a detailed write-up of impressions, follow-up suggestions, and parent guidance for at-home review in the future. We teach you how to read the map to your child’s success.

Technology Review

We support kids in how to learn smarter, not harder. Many times difficulty in a subject is not an issue of understanding content, but one of accessing it. Technology can help. We will review your child’s testing and administer a tech evaluation to identify the tech tools and strategies that best support their learning style and executive functioning so that they can take control of their learning and advocacy. (5 hours of 1:1 student time)

School Placement

Not every educational environment is the right fit for every child. Your child is an individual and doesn’t learn or experience the world like any other. We take the approach that every child develops perfectly for them. It is our job to help find the best opportunities to support their unique learning styles and needs. For some kids this means a specialized program in a mainstream school, for others, it may mean a specialized school, an experiential learning environment, or a community or homeschool environment.

Comprehensive Package

This plan pulls together all of our standalone resources in one place and provides the time and information needed to fully get to know your child as an individual, your family, your needs,

Parent Support

Parenting is hard. It can be scary and overwhelming at times. We offer parenting workshops, groups, and resource events to help parents understand their children and how their reactions affect the overall parent/child connection. These programs are helpful for whole family wellness and not solely applicable to families working with LD. All are welcome.