services for

the WHOLE family

Curious Kids Educational And Wellness services are meant for parents who would like to take an active role in understanding their child and their emotional and mental well-being. We take a connective parenting approach and work best with families that want to learn how to connect and communicate more effectively for the betterment of the whole family unit.

We take a whole-child, strengths-based, approach to supporting your family and do not look at your child, their social or academic journey, from the perspective of correcting or “fixing”, but rather what tools are needed to provide the most opportune environment for exploring the world. 

We love the out-of-the-box thinkers, explorers, questioners, and doers. Our goal is to ignite a flame of curious exploration in all environments for kids and their grown-ups.

Our Services

Following your 30-minute meet-and-greet session, we will formulate a personalized plan tailored to your family's goals and future endeavors.


Adding Context To The Educational Picture For The Whole Family


Developmental Health and Wellness Group Guidance For Parents

social-emotional Enrichment groups

Peer Opportunities To Socialize, Grow, And Learn

Connective Parenting


Parent Support And Coaching To Maintain Connection For Parent And Child

Exclusive Services

Our services are intended to be a partnership as we seek to address challenges and concerns for the family. If there is something not listed that would be helpful to you or your family please contact us to discuss the options. We are happy to provide any assistance within our field of expertise or refer you to a clinician or consultant who will better meet your specific needs.

Onboarding Process

We seek to fine-tune our knowledge of who the child is for learning, understanding, and social-emotional development, to form a complete picture and functional parent/child bond that supports all in the family.

Once the Onboarding process is complete and the family is on its way, support is ongoing and as-needed depending on what the family wants, for the duration of the child’s academic career.
Technology Review

We support kids in how to learn smarter, not harder. Many times difficulty in a subject is not an issue of understanding content, but one of accessing it. Technology can help. We will review your child’s testing and administer a tech evaluation to identify the tech tools and strategies that best support their learning style and executive functioning so that they can take control of their learning and advocacy. (5 hours of 1:1 student time)

Social-Emotional Youth Enrichment Groups

Our social-emotional support and enrichment groups are safe and nurturing spaces where young individuals can connect with peers to explore and develop their emotional well-being.


Parent Support And Coaching

Parenting is hard. It can be scary and overwhelming at times. We offer one-on-one Connective Parenting support, workshops, classes, and resource events to help parents understand their children and how their reactions affect the overall parent/child connection. These programs are trauma-informed and built on the protective factors framework making them helpful for whole family wellness. All are welcome.